The Phee Bear And Me Collection Children’s Books That Help Children Through Grief And Loss

Children are grieving all over the world due to the deaths of loved ones from Covid 19. Being a long-time hospice social worker, working with children and parents who have experienced grief and loss, I recognized the need for children’s books that help children through the grieving process. Most parents find it difficult explaining death to children and do not know how to open communication with their children about death. Picture books can help. Phee Bear and Me is a set of three picture books featuring a recurring main character, Phee Bear, who shows them they are not alone as the little bear in the story has lost someone too. Incorporated into these books are many things used by grief counselors to help parents take their explanations about death one step further using these picture books as a guide.

There are many children’s books written that explain death to children, but I have found few books that go beyond that point and provide different ideas for parents to help their children with the on-going grief process. For example, it may help a child if they write a letter to the loved one who died, make a memory box, or participate in a meaningful memorial. There are grief camps for them to attend and bereavement groups that serve both parents and children. This collection of books that will help children talk about their feelings as they listen to stories about a little bear who has lost someone important and comes up with good ways to handle his feelings. At the same time, parents will become aware of resources that can help their family through a difficult time.

Once a child is told about the death and they accept it, they are likely to display their feelings of sadness off and on over a long period of time, especially around holidays, but also at unexpected moments. When this happens, parents should encourage them to talk about their feelings and emotions. Reassure them that it is not their fault. Grief affects children in different ways. Some children lose interest in daily activities. Some exhibit anger and aggression. Some are unable to sleep, loose their appetite, and are afraid of being alone. These children need outside grief support. The parent and child can attend weekly bereavement groups, where children who have experienced loss can participate in activities, music and stories together. These groups create reassurance for children when they realize that others have experienced loss as well. The “Phee Bear and Me Collection” incorporate these ideas and help parents handle these unexpected moments of grief.

There is a need for these books in local hospices, churches, hospitals, funeral homes, bereavement centers, and grief camps. We are affiliated with many organizations who help families with grief and loss such as the Children’s Bereavement Center in Miami, Fl, Tomorrows Rainbow in Fort Lauderdale, Little Smiles in West Palm Beach, National Alliance for Children’s Grief in West Palm Beach and the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the “Phee Bear and Me Collection, please contact our office at 561-789-2931. Also, consider attending our Children Grief Support Groups on Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 8:30. We will be happy to help you any way we can.

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