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Past Life Regression Therapy

Discover your past lives. Regression therapy can unlock people, places, emotions, and events from past lives. This type of therapy can break through barriers you may be experiencing helping you release fears, phobia, persistent health problems, fertility problems, the cessation of addictions, and repair your strength. 

Sandra is trained in past life regression by the American Hypnosis Association. She has guided many successful past life regressions with clients, helping resolve chronic problems. 

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Are you grieving the loss of a pet?

Are you struggling, feeling depressed by the emptiness in your life.

Getting help to cope with your grief is important for your wellbeing.

Remember that grief has no timeline, but there is hope.

Counseling and hypnotherapy can help you cope after a loss and find effective solutions thatwill help you move forward and create new meaning in your life.

Get the help and support you need.

I have many years of counseling experience and have spent 15 years in hospice helping patientsand families cope with death and dying. I also use hypnotherapy and other holistic modalities to help my clients.

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Sandra Harrison, LCSW